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We have been servicing Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula’s pressure washers for over 40 years!


Call or click below to schedule a road service visit with one of our many over the road service techs, or to set up a time to bring it to us.


We service ALL major brands of pressure washers and industrial cleaning equipment.


Avoid possible downtime with our preventive maintenance program. Just as regulaur fleet maintenance is important to the lifespan of your vehicles, a properly scheduled program for your washing equipment can make the difference in the life of your cleaning investment.


Our Basic service includes:

  1. Change oil in pump

  2. Check and adjust tension and inspect wear of ”v“ belts

  3. Install new pressure nozzle

  4. Inspect and adjust water pressure

  5. Check general operation of burner

  6. Inspect hoses, guns, wands, and quick couplers

  7. Check chemical injection system

  8. Inspect coil for lime and calcium deposits


After total check up is completed, our service technician will make any further maintenance recommendation.  For additional cost this may include; replacing fuel nozzle, fuel filter, air & oil filter on gas engine units descaling of coil or winterization.


Contact us today to set up a custom maintenance program that suits your needs, and rest easy that you are working the area’s most experienced industry professionals.

We are Dependable

We are Affordable

We are Available

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