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Clean practically any hard floor surface with the M24 Orbital Scrubber. This Orbital Scrubber is ideal for daily cleaning or chemical-free floor finish removal. The 24-inch (61 cm) rectangular style pad is installed and removed without tools to allow ease when switching between different pads, depending upon the application’s needs. The squeegee blades can be rotated or flipped without tools. Chemical-free floor finish removal on this medium-sized machine makes Hospital and Education hallway refinish jobs quick.

• Constructed robustly — steel frame construction and durable components
• Simplify maintenance with easy access to the battery and recovery tank
• Traction drive speed controlled with easy to use Drive Speed Control thumb dial
• Easily operate and maneuver with push button forward and toggle reverse
• Clean any hour of the day with approved sound levels < 67 dBA
• Increase productivity with over 2.5 hours of run time between dump and refill
• Off-the-shelf toggles, switches, gauges, and mechanical levers to allow easy operator training and potential repairs
• Chemical Free Stripping
• Reduce Slip & Fall Potential
• 70% Reduction in Water Usage
• Consistent Results – No Swirl Marks
• VCT Prep & Recoat
Up to 80,000 sqft Per Charge
• 16 / 16 Gallons
• 20 – 28 inch decks

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