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Hydrotek HN Series

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Common Features

Stainless Steel Housing:
Coil enclosure and motor cover are constructed of stainless steel for lifetime corrosion resistance; powder coated welded chassis provides durability.

Unmatched Access and Serviceability: Pivoting cover opens to provide exceptional pump and component access. Standard skid legs provide access from below.

Clean and Efficient Heating System: 24v automatic electronic ignition on low emission natural gas burner with no pilot to light. High efficiency schedule 80 coil with ceramic insulation delivers years of uninterrupted service.

Total Relief Unloader:
Flow sensitive unloader allows pressure to build up gradually as trigger gun is activated reducing gun recoil. When gun is released the entire system and discharge piping is relieved of trapped pressure.

NEMA4 Water Tight Electrical Box:
ETL certified to UL1776 Class 2 for use in wash-down area, exceeds industry standards. Special Hydro Tek control box features easy to use controls and provides instant access to electronics. Standard diagnostic indicators, including an hour meter and pressure gauge to monitor system use, ensure optimal system performance.

HN Ultimate Series Features

Remote Control with Hose, Nozzle, Wand Rack:
Safe, 24 volt remote with full pressure soap output and 100’ cord gives the operator control of all functions both at the machine and
the remote wash site. Additional wash station remotes can be added.

Automatic Shutdown:
Adjustable automatic shutdown prolongs pump life and provides worry-free operation.

CAT Belt Driven pump:
Low RPM drive – cooler, quieter, continuous duty performance. These industrial triplex pumps feature concentrically bored and polished, graphite impregnated ceramic plungers with advanced seal design.

Ready to Work when you are:
No need to fill fuel tanks or hunt down a water supply when machine is directly plumbed into natural gas and water lines. The pressure washer can be housed indoors, away from the elements, while locating the wash station remote outdoors.

More Standard Features:
• Detergent flow metering at full pressure
• Quick release nozzles
• Heavy duty industrial motor with standard thermal overload protection
• Adjustable temperature up to 250F with steam setting
• Burst disc technology for operator safety
• Rustproof float tank to regulate incoming water ensuring consistent system performance
• Heavy duty hose 50’ / 250F rated
• Adjustable Pressure Wand
• HN Proline™ Series Features
• Bypass Cool System:
• Pump cooling system prevents pump from overheating in bypass for worry free operation. (Remote wash station and pressure gage not included on HN Proline™)

Other Proline Features:
Durable Powder Coated frame base
Manual On / Off

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