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Meet the RA40™: the most innovative Clarke scrubber ever.
This compact, highly maneuverable 20 inch autoscrubber is designed to elevate the cleanliness, health and safety of your facility to the next level. Every cutting-edge feature-from the ultra-sharp turning radius to the onboard chemical mixing system-has been engineered to the high performance and reliability standards you have come to expect from Clarke over the past 100 years!

SmartFlow™ technology increases productivity.
SmartFlow technology automatically reduces the solution flow rate when the operator slows down. Automatically reducing the flow rate on turns, edge cleaning or maneuvering around obstacles helps to avoid water left behind and increases the productivity by up to 50% per tank. This means greatly reduced slip and fall risk and cost to clean. Reducing the amount of cleaning solution used also prevents wasting water and chemical, increasing sustainability.

• Large, 18.5 gallon tank for high cleaning productivity
• Two levels of scrub pressure for added cleaning power in heavily soiled areas
• Easy-removal squeegee with built in squeegee hanger stores easily on the backside when not in use
• Water-level indicator easily viewable from the operator’s seat

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