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Penetrating Lubricant with PTFE
ZenaTuff is a high tech formulation of specific oils blended with micron-sized PTFE to provide exceptional long-lasting lubrication and penetration. ZenaTuff significantly decreases friction and distributes a wear-resistant film that lubricates moving parts. The initial foaming action allows for dwell time so it can creep into tight spaces. ZenaTuff penetrates rapidly to loosen frozen parts due to rust wear, or heavy grease build up. The lubricating film guards surfaces from corrosion in extreme hot and cold temperatures. Use ZenaTuff on any surfaces that glides, slides, rolls, twists, or moves. Passes ASTM D 1748 – Rust protection by metal preservatives in the humidity cabinet.

• 360 degree Valve
• Excellent Long-Lasting Lubrication
• Penetrates Rapidly
• Defends Against Corrosion
• Dissolves Grease
• Works in Broad Temperature Ranges
• 13 oz can

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