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512 Rider

The CT160 scrubber is designed for commercial and warehouse cleaning applications. It utilizes our Genius technology to make it the easiest to use rider on the market. Even the brushes are connected and disconnected automatically.

The IPC Eagle CT160R Sweep ride-on scrubber incorporates two machines in one. With self-adjusting side brushes to collect dry debris from kerbs and racking edges the cylindrical scrubbing brushes then separate the dry debris from the wet tank. This system increases time efficiency by removing the pre-sweep process normally done before scrubbing.

The CT160R Sweep is the ideal machine for shopping malls, airport terminals, and warehousing with light debris for a quick and efficient clean.

As with the standard CT160 the control panel is easy to use with 3 pre-set work settings, great all round visibility and huge productivity (52,474 ft²/hr). The operator is able to carry out most machine maintenance as all major parts are easy to access without the use of tools. Squeegee blades are 4 sided for longer working life while the brushes feature the automatic on/off function to enable easy checking of brush wear.

If the sweeping function is required the user simply lowers the side brushes, selects the scrub function and two tasks are completed in one.
• 28″, 32″ and 36″ cleaning path
• 40-gallon capacity
• 4.5 hour run time
• Ultra-dry squeegee system

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