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Hydro Tek is pleased to announce the NEW Undercarriage Washer. Clean the undercarriage of trucks, boats, and farm equipment with the new Undercarriage Washer. Attach this accessory to a hot or cold pressure washer to effortlessly remove grime from the underside of vehicles and equipment. If you need to clean concrete, simply reverse the casters and flip the deck over to be used as an efficient flat surface cleaner. Rust resistant, stainless steel construction, with an aluminum spray bar, to ensure a long life of use even in corrosive environments.
• 24” deck width, 7” clearance height needed
• Use with cold or hot water up to 210°F, Max 5000psi, 6gpm
Quantity 2) #2.7 nozzles included. Refer to nozzle chart for compatibility of your customer’s pressure washer. Additional nozzle sizes are available.

Ideal for washing:
• Crop seeds and dirt from harvesting equipment and other tractors
• Slime and oil from boat hull, outboard motor and trailer
• Mud from UTVs and off-road vehicles
• Road grime from motorhomes and trailers
• Grease from underside of vehicles at repair shops

Model# ANTUN
If you have any questions, contact the inside sales department at (800) 274-9376 x3

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