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Product Description
With the new Mosmatic Hurricane Pro Undercarriage Cleaner you can clean underneath and around the outside of a vehicle due to the pivoting angle spray deck, which allows for multiple cleaning angles. The adjustable angles allow “all-round” cleaning on many different type of vehicles such as construction equipment, fleet vehicles, boats or agricultural machines using just one model of undercarriage cleaner. The Mosmatic Hurricane Pro can also be of benefit in industry for cleaning stationary equipment around the factory. Use this new cleaning tool from with either hot or cold pressure washers.

21″ Pro Undercarriage Cleaner, Single Rotor Arm 2 x Stabilising Nozzles, Adjustable Deck, 225mm Clearance

Mosmatic undercarriage cleaners are constructed of stainless steel, can be used with hot water and fitted with a non- maintenance self lubricated swivel. weight is 68lbs.

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